Digital Rights Management (DRM) and PDFEncrypt

This article explores the suitability of using PDFEncrypt to achieve Digital Rights Management (DRM). I frequently receive questions from users asking how to use PDFEncrypt to create PDF files that can be opened without a password, but which can’t be...

MSI available (beta)

Users have requested a MSI package for use with Windows Active Directory. I built the PDFEncrypt V1 MSI using the free version of Advanced Installer. It has been tested on Windows 10 x64 and Windows 11 x64. Note that the MSI does not include .NET framework, so you...

Review and get free gift cards

We have set up a review link on Capterra to try and reach more people with the app. The first 85 people to review PDFEncrypt will get free gift cards. Here’s the link: Review PDFEncrypt on Capterra

New release: command line arguments, owner password

Command-line arguments The latest release includes support for command-line arguments. This feature allows PDFEncrypt to be fully automated and incorporated into existing user workflows. The following command-line options are available: -i [input filename] or...
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